• Image of Rex

This flannel hanky is backed in a solid black moda cotton. Measures 10.5 by 10.5 inches.

Image of American Buffalo
American Buffalo
Image of Bird’s Nest flannel
Bird’s Nest flannel
Image of The Last Slice
The Last Slice
Image of Carlsbad Plaid
Carlsbad Plaid
Image of True Blue Buffalo
True Blue Buffalo
Image of The Grizzly
Sold out
The Grizzly
Image of The Outdoorsman
The Outdoorsman
Image of Join or Die flannel
Join or Die flannel
Image of Steel Flannel
Steel Flannel
Image of Morton Flannel
Morton Flannel
Image of American Plaid
American Plaid
Image of Back at Camp
Back at Camp
Image of Blue Buffalo Flannel
Blue Buffalo Flannel
Image of American Flannel
American Flannel
Image of True Blue Flannel
True Blue Flannel
Image of Electric Flannel
Electric Flannel
Image of Buffalo Plaid v2
Buffalo Plaid v2
Image of Winter flannel
Winter flannel
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